Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The African Culuture

A F R I C A . F A S H I O N 


Over these past few years, there have been lots of celebrities spotted in African chic and countless mainstream designers have spoken about going back to Africa and look into what in fashion at the moment(what everyone seems to be wanting to wear) and bringing back to live what they saw/experienced in the past for inspiration for their fashion collections.
Loud culture have not just inspired them selves but also they have inspired many celebrities such as the ones above with their Imaginative and creative skills . What makes them different and stand out is their different use of fabric such as traditional African Ankara fabric with colorful prints and textures, into unique, modern. With their techniques Loud and Deola Sagoe have moved from one level to the next being different and making the garments not just for wearing on normal day but also on the red carpet, With just skills like that both designers have managed to make their garments  fancy, but vibrant and lively enough to still be fun, making them suitable to wear on special occasions such as going out for dinner, wearing on the catwalk, going to a party and  even wearing to an award ceremony.


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