Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review: BET Live on Red Carpet


For all those who missed  the BET awards don't worry I'm here to show/ tell you a bit of some of the stunning outfits, which the big starts wore. From Nicki Minaj - Eve 
Seeing all the fans and celebrities gathered in one place, just made me think - WOW! I want to work hard and be able to reach/achieve my dreams (fashion designer/stylist and be on the red carpet,win awards for the top/most unique fashion designer etc, the list goes on and on.
On a serious note the BET was so inspiring, not just because of the fact that it's about the hard work celebrities put in and get a rewarded for it, but the fact that the black society have shown a true commitment  by sticking together, praising each other in addition, showing true love for the fans and amazing entertainment which is as well as being enjoyable/interesting to watch. 
As a  teenager this event has inspired me and I know anything is possible! If they can do it, so can I. What's stopping you from achieving your dreams?... Nothing!  
... Bow Wow and Angela Simmons were amazing presenters. They knew how to stand out on the red carpet. I must  say they looked on point! - do you agree with me?They did a fab job (Well done guys!)


looking sexy as always with her 
stunning figure,which she revealed in all black with a hint of silver in her heels and jewelry 
 hair always looking lush that smile tops it all!

Nicki Minaj
- the one and only unique, striking
young artist who inspires many- Nicki looked dazzling. Even though she looked simple it was muah magnifique! Keep it up barb 

Janelle Monae
her style is just too much, as in it's fabulous - she's different and she can rock that 'different' look.
She represents people like me just right(Trouser girls). Love your work and you look gorgeous!

Jordin Sparks
the absolute beautiful inspiring young  
lady, she looked perfect - her dress complemented her skin tone and knew how to style her from her hair to her shoes
So well done to her stylists.

owned her look on the red carpet, some time say she looked like she's going to a party, this is not the right look for the red carpet blah blah blah...
  I'll sum this up in three words Eve you looked fierce,dope and swagy!

 Meagan Good 
looked so good! correction owned her sexy/hot/eye starring look- girl you owned it and I believe all eyes were on you for the night. 
That Michael Costello dress fit her in the right places overall i'd say 

in Michael Cinco looked too 
appealing! her charming looks and smile made her look 10x more divine! Brandy is such a beauty,

Gabby Douglas
is an athlete but knows how to dress correctly to s
uit her athletic body! she looked
elegant, effeminate overall her look was marvelous   

Thank you 
Loving and Appreciating all My ♥TrendSetters 

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