Monday, 22 July 2013

Behind the scene

Fashion Photo-shoot

It was a privilege to be asked to help assist a shoot. Yesterday was such an eye opener for me, as I had a little taster of how the fashion industry is really like. With models, stylists, make-up artists, photographers, the venue etc. 

The models were absolutely stunning and very very tall!. Both different and interesting to see how they interact with the us(The creative team) The thing which made the day even more interesting, was how both models were totally opposite from each other. From hair colour - their engagement with the camera.

Thanks to Moe_stylist - The stylish stylist- & Katieblench the amazing photographer.
Without further ado here are some of the snap shots... 



Video coming soon...
Twitter: @Kwasheretro(Me)
@ Katieblench (Photographer)

Instagram: Qwashe & Kwasheretro(Me)
Moe_stylist (Stylist)
Katieblench (Photographer) 

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