Sunday, 23 June 2013

Clothes Show Live Outfit - Request

Received a request 
From: tatenda ruvarashe Dube has left a new comment on your post "ThrowBack - Clothes Show Live": 

Your outfit looks stunning! Do you think you can do another post just on the outfit you wore?

Go Check out her website/blog 

I want to start by saying THANK YOU to my ♥TrendSetter Tatenda for this request- 

For those who know me and some who are getting to know me you will know/find out how I like to try something new and be different. In summary ... Standing out from the rest 

What really inspired me to wear this outfit was not only the mixture of bright prints or the different century looks 80's 60's 70's look but the  message it had behind it... 
Dare to take a RISK
I DARE You to be different! - Go try/buy something you thought might not suit you, you might surprise yourself!

This look had a hint of the'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' with a twist (My Own Twist) 

This outfit cost under 40£

Leopard Shoes - Office £15
Leather/Cotton Leggings - H&M £5.99
Brown Belt -Miss Selfridge £2.99
Plain Black Top - H&M 4.99 
Chain -  Top Shop £2
Aztec Jacket - H&M £10Bowler 
Hat - H&M £1
Africa Ring - @ClothesShowLive £5
Leopard bag - Random Shop In America $$$

Thank You
tatenda ruvarashe Dube

For Anymore info/advise/tips 

Thank you
Loving and Appreciating all My ♥TrendSetters

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