Friday, 21 June 2013

About Me

Hello world, Well were do I start ... I guess by introducing myself.

My name is Kupakwashe  (As you might guess that's were I got the name for by blog,soon to be brand name) I'm an aspiring designer/stylist.
17 Years of age.

My passion for fashion has developed strongly past these few years and my desire to fulfill my dreams as being Designer/Stylist
I'm a student who has finished GCSE's (Studied textiles at GCSE'S), I believe that I will continue studying textiles in my A levels and carry it on into the future (I have BIG things planned ahead for the future).

I have spent years being inspired by what I see day to day 'Street Style', Inspired others too and have influenced peoples style (So I've been told... GRATEFUL!)
I love all things fashion -trust me- I also believe that the way you represent yourself matters a lot for it shapes you're character and also your future.

I believe if you have a dream you stick to it and fulfill that dream 'DreamSucceedConqor' & 'DreamBelive&Achieve' (Anything is possible) My two main moto's have got me far as I have stuck to them (Nothing is impossible if you get your thoughts together and never give up 'Work Hard'). etc

Some things I would love to achieve as a young designer/stylist are;
Style celebrities and have my designs worn by people including celebrities all around the world (Red carpet, magazine covers), Make those who feel as if the are not 'pretty' or 'beautiful',feel as if the are worth a million £/$ but most of all Inspire young teens like me, to let them know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it...

All things positive, that IS the way forward!

To sum up in four words, things I believe I am;
Creative,Productive, Unique & Innovative


Thank you 
Loving and Appreciating all My ♥TrendSetters 

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